• Deja Bowen

Edge Natural review

Today I'd like to talk about a lovely product called "Edge Natural", a hair follicle enhancer for natural edges! The brand reached out to me via email and sent over a bottle of there super rich & mint scented bottle. This was my first time using a hair grower for my edges, I typically use hair growth oil, but I still wanted to give it a try just to see the results. I knew a product like this would be helpful since I tend to get my hair braided and the pull on my edges from those braids do leave my edges looking ruff. I've now had the product since October and I couldn't be more pleased! The tingle sensation you feel once applied on freshly washed hair is so soothing and it feels like it's doing it job! Now it's the end of December, my hair is back in braids but this time I have zero stress about my edges! If you're looking for something that feels fresh, light weight, and fast acting for your hair I'd give this a try!

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