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"Sticks" the web-series kickstarter!!

Hello all, We are Visual Glass Productions - a Black, female-owned film partnership company based in LA, and we are currently producing the second season of our Webseries, STICKS! You can follow our Instagram here, and meet our cast here. (If you resonate with us, make sure to subscribe)! This next season, we hope to enhance the quality of our series by renting locations, renting and/or purchasing film equipment, outsourcing experienced post-production artists (sound mixer, color-grader, etc.), and potentially compensating our talent and production team for their time and energy on and off set, but we need your help. Going through our first season with zero budget was rewarding, but quite the challenge. We paid out of our pockets to feed our talent and production team every shoot day, which was our only means of compensation. The series was written to stay in our own apartments majority of the time since we couldn't afford to rent locations. Aside from starring in the series, we also wrote, produced, directed and edited it ourselves (with the exception of a few awesome friends)! Despite these obstacles, we came together witth passion and the intention to make magic. While our team is slowly but surely expanding (!!), we'd love to outsource post-production artists as editing sound and color are not our current team's expertise. We'd also love to branch out of our apartments and tell our story the way we intended with upgraded equipment. With your contribution, you can help us bring our vision to life with even more passion and drive than before. What we appreciate about STICKS and aim to express is a narrative based in Los Angeles that doesn't show the glitz and glam of what everyone thinks LA is, but the actual common struggle of paying rent, having to live in a place with a bunch of people, and making the best out of your current situation. There are many shows with characters in their mid 30's or high school years, but rarely do we get to see them in that awkward "in-between" stage when they're trying to figure out what's up and what's down. The most important part of the story is that it is told from the perspective of three black women in college in their early 20's. We aim to represent ourselves comedically in a different light than what we normally see.

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