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Dating is Hard!

Dating is Hard: A short film on the struggles of the online dating world & the expectations we set on them

Bailey is a hopeless romantic but she struggles in her dating life. So, she decides to give dating apps a try but can't seem to find the perfect match. That is until she stumbles upon D.J.'s profile. Bailey finds herself instantly attracted to D.J. and wonders what life would be like with him. Could D.J. be "The One"?

Cast: Deja Bowen - Bailey Don Juan Futrell - D.J. Sock the Dog - Hidalgo

Directed by Ramos C. Smith Produced by Larson Ghormley and Rodney Pablo

Director of Photography - James Smith

Assistant Director - Rodney Pablo

2nd Assistant Camera - Riley Laucirica

Sound - Joshua Timog

Editor - Jason Surmillon

Colorist - Jason Surmillon

Music Supervisor - Larson Ghormley

Original Score by Chad Watson

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